I drink
You drink

He drinks
She drink
It drink

We drink
You drink
They drink
I don't drink
You don't drink

doesn't drink
doesn't drink
doesn't drink
We don't drink
You don't drink
They don't drink
Do I drink?
Do you drink?

Does he drink?
Does she drink?
Does it drink?
Do we drink?
Do you drink?
Do they drink?

We use the present simple to talk about habits
1. Read and complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Use the present simple.
Sam  (wake) up at halfpast seven.           He  (get) dressed, and  (have)          He  (go) to school at quarter to nine.
                                                                               breakfast at eight o' clock.
Lessons  (start) at nine o'clock.             Sam usually  (finish) school at           In the afternoon, Sam  (do) his homework.
                                                                              half past three.
He sometimes  (play) football with       Before dinner, he  (watch) his            Sam and his mother usually  (have)
his best friend.                                                      favourite programme on TV.                                 dinner at half past eight.
After dinner, Sam  (play) computer               Then, he  (brush)  his teeth and  (go) to bed.
games until bedtime.


1. Daily Routines
2. Watch the video and write ten sentences about your daily activities.


3. What is correct ? doesn't or don't ?
  1. I doesn't /don't like banana ice cream.
  2. She  doesn't /don't speak Japanese well.
  3. Mr. Sharon doesn't /don't play the guitar.
  4. My father doesn't /don't  like classical music .
  5. We doesn't /don't  want to buy a new car this year.
  6. They doesn't /don't live in Madrid. They live in Peru.
  7. Tomatoes doesn't /don't grow on trees.
  8. He likes swimming, he doesn't /don't like windsurfing.
  9. Danna is my new girl friend. Her mother doesn't /don't like me.
  10. I and Tom doesn't /don't keep pets at home.
  11. The snakes doesn't /don't have legs.