Singular:There is

There is a book
Hi ha un llibre
There is a boy
Hi ha un noi
There is a table
Hi ha una taula
There is not a book
No hi ha un llibre
There isn't a boy
No hi ha un noi
There isn't a table
No hi ha una taula
Is there a book?
Hi ha un llibre?
is There a boy?
Hi h un noi?
Is there a table?
Hi ha una taula?

Plural:There are

There are books
Hi ha llibres
There are boys
Hi ha nois
There are tables
Hi ha taules
There are not books
No hi ha llibres
There aren't boys
No hi ha nois
There aren't any tables
No hi ha taules
Are there books?
Hi ha llibres?
Are there boys?
Hi ha nois?
Are there any tables?
Hi ha taules?



1. Write is/are in the spaces

Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks with 'is' or 'are':         
1) The Bedroom
a) There  some balloons painted on the wall.. 
b) There  a teddy bear on the bed.
c) There  a wardrobe next to the bed.
d) There curtains on the window.
2) The Living Room
a) There two cushions on the sofa.
b) There  some books on the table.
c) There  a painting on the wall.
d) There  a lamp on the table.
3) The Kitchen
a) There  a garbage can in the kitchen.
b) There  a refrigerator.
c) There  some dishes in the sink. 


We use A or AN with singular nouns.
A is used when a noun starts with a consonant sound;
e.g. a dog, a book, etc.
AN is used when a noun starts with a vowel sound;
e.g. an apple, an hour, etc.
We use SOME with countable nouns (only with their plural) and with uncountable nouns.
SOME is used in:
* positive sentences;
e.g. I have got some time.
* questions, expressing requests and offers;
e.g. Would you like some tea?
        Can I have some biscuits?
We use ANY with countable nouns (only with their plural) and with uncountable nouns.
ANY is used in:
* negative sentences;
e.g. I haven‘t got any time.  
* general questions;
e.g. Have you got any sisters?
      Is there any tea left?
Choose the correct answer
1. “Is there ... tea in this kitchen?”
any           some
a                an
9. “Are there any girls in your class?” “No, there aren´t … “
an              some
any            a
17. The Browns haven’t got  … children.
any           some
a                an
25. I haven’t got … books to read.
some         an
a                any
2.  Sorry, there isn’t … more tea.
some         any
a                an
10. Are there … lamps in the house?
some         a
any            an
18. Have the Collins got … children?
 an              some
a                any
26. Is there … book on the table?
a                an
some         any
3. Has Mr. Evans got … coffee?
some         any
an              a
11. This is … interesting newspaper.
a                an
any            some
19. “Is there any coffee in the kitchen?” “Yes, there is.....”
some         any
a                an
27.  There are … cups of tea on the table.
 some         any
a                an
4.  Have the Evans got … flat?
any            some
an              a
12.  “Have you got any glasses?” “No, I haven’t got …”
some         a
any          an
20. Have you got … chair for me?

any            an

some         a
28.  Is there … beer in the glasses?
a              an
some         any
5.  There aren’t … flats to rent.
an               some
 any           a
13. There isn’t … water in the glass.
some         a
an              any
21. “Is there any coffee in the cup?” “Yes, there is …”
a                an
some         any
29.  There isn’t … beer in the bottle.
a                some
an              any
6.  Are there … boys in this class?
an              any
some       a
14. In the park there are … very nice trees.
some         any
an              a
22. I’m  reading … interesting book.
an              any
some         a
30. Mrs Green is having … coffee with milk.
some        any
a                an
7.  We haven’t got … cinemas here.
any        some
an          a
15. Mr. Smith is having … bread.
any            some
a                an
23. There are … children in the street.
any            some
an             a
31. Is there … wine in the glass?
 some         a
any            an
8. There are … girls in this class.
any            some
an              a
16. “Is there any beer in the glass” “No, there isn’t …”
some         any
a               an
24.  Has Peter got … interesting books?
 some         any
 an              a
32.  Have they got … books?
any            some
an               a

 Gosh...There isn't oxigen in this tank!      
There a little duck in this egg!
 There  five animals in the picture.    
 There areflowers in the garden.
Is there a little cat at home?              
Are thereeggs in the fridge?
 There are  fruits for dessert.           
Are there  fairies in the tale?

There are glasses...But there isn't  red wine. Sorry! 
 There are presents waiting for you!!!  
Are there green grapes in the fridge?


2. A/AN